A Beginner's Guide

Julie of Light Omega


Sequence 1 - Understanding Purification

Sequence 2 - Developing a Spiritual Practice

Sequence 3 - Living a Sacred Life

Sequence 4 - Sacred Relationships


Selected Articles on Purification and Transformation were developed to assist with the absorption of new concepts and ideas concerning purification and the transformation of consciousness.  The vocabulary that most people are accustomed to when thinking of 'consciousness' is the language of psychology, the language which describes thought and feeling and which is related to the personality with all of its traits and attitudes that are familiar to oneself since childhood.

Yet, the personality with all of its recognizable feelings and sensations is not the totality of who one is, nor even the major or most fundamental part.  Therefore, at a time when the expansion of spiritual light is awakening new perceptions and feelings in many, it is important to know more about the deeper levels of self that are now trying to come into being.

Generally speaking, these are contained within the 'soul' level of experience, for the soul is not something that comes into existence only after departure from the physical plane.  The new consciousness is making it clear that the soul exists and is meant to be a central part of human experience, connecting the physical self with the Divine being of God.

In order to make this shift from thinking physically and psychologically to thinking in spiritual and soul terms, the article sequences have been created to help with basic concepts.  Their intent is to lay a foundation for a deeper understanding of the new reality that humanity is entering.

Article Section -  Purification


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