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It has been known for a long time now that our perspective concerning the nature of time is shaped by how far we have come in understanding the nature of physical reality.  Following theories developed by Einstein in the first half of the last century, we have discovered that our perception of time is not related to something 'out there' that is fixed, but rather to the perspective we hold and whether we are stationary or in motion.

According to Einstein's observations, from the point of view of a stationary observer in relation to other stationary observers, time flows in a uniform pattern for both.  However, from the standpoint of a stationary observer in relation to another who is traveling at speeds close to the speed of light, time flows more quickly or slowly relative to the other, depending upon which position we are in – whether in the stationary mode or in motion.  These discoveries have been common knowledge for many decades now. 

Yet, what is not equally comprehended is that the perception of time and the qualities we attribute to it also have to do with the nature of consciousness and the link between the temporal and the eternal.  This link determines how much time will be experienced as a reality at all. 

Within physical reality, for example, the nature of time is determined by the sequence of thoughts that the mind engages in and the distance it takes to travel between objects.  Where consciousness is not sequencing thought, nor is there perceived separation of the kind that there now is between objects, time may be described as 'circular' or 'spherical' rather than linear, extending infinitely in all directions. 

The 'spherical' quality of time is hard for the human mind to grasp.  This is because we live in a world of discrete physical objects and we experience the time it takes to bridge the physical distance between them.  In a world in which everything is perceived as being in everything else, and in which nothing is separate from anything else, the time it takes to bridge the distance between objects would no longer be. Since everything is interpenetrating in such a world, we would be everywhere at the same time, and there would be no requirement for time to pass to get from one point to another.

Spherical thinking, as it relates to time, is a measure of how far consciousness has come from linearity and its embeddedness in three-dimensional reality.  A true measure of spherical thinking has to do with the experience of 'everpresentness', a state in which all events are felt to be taking place simultaneously rather than being divided into past, present, and future.  Already, some have had a taste of this quality of timelessness during near-death experiences, life-reviews, and  dream states.  However, for the majority, this type of awareness is not yet a reality.

As we move from three-dimensional to four and five-dimensional awareness, we will understand more of 'spherical thinking' as it relates to time, because we will have a greater experience of being both 'here' and 'there' at the same time, and also  of being 'one' and 'many'.  This lack of separateness will produce a sense of participation in the flow of universal consciousness in a way that is impossible to conceive of now.  Instead of the flow of time moving in a single direction toward the future, we will experience the flow of consciousness radiating in all directions, not only from us, but 'through' us and 'in' us as well.  This will create a new perception of the meaning of time. 

To live in time and in the timeless while within three-dimensional space has often been challenging for those whose lives have placed them on a spiritual path which created a bridging of the ordinary boundaries between dimensions.  One day, this bridging will become easy and natural for many, and the relationship with timelessness will become as known and familiar as the present relationship that we have with linear time today.


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