A gift from the great Ocean

The vast Ocean of the Mother invites all to enter the Oneness, to be part of all that is. And yet often the steps to doing so seem unclear, and what one imagines as the great Ocean seems so large.


For this reason Stepping Stones to Awareness is born.


Stepping Stones to Awareness may be considered a sequel to the Calendar of 100 Days whose 'seed thoughts' structure the daily messages, and a preparation for the Calendar of Light with its more extensive teachings and awareness tasks. As such, it becomes part of a trilogy of sources designed to bring consciousness into a new awareness of the principles of light and of purification, and the body, mind, and emotions into a new ability to hold light.

As a path of transformation, the 'seed thoughts' and spiritual practices presented here are designed to focus awareness on the underpinnings of the purification process and the movement that is both individual and planetary toward a consciousness of oneness.  Each day's offering is specific.  It involves a discussion of the thought for the day and a suggestion or 'step' that focuses attention on its application within everyday life. These practices build an interior strength in relation to creating a new view of the sacred. As one goes through the consciousness-building tasks, awareness deepens, and one becomes more deeply immersed in the higher vibrations of light. 

The foundation of Stepping Stones to Awareness includes a regular meditative practice called the Practice of Alignment which opens the body, heart, and mind to the higher frequencies of light, as well as five other spiritual practices that can be alternated with the Practice of Alignment. The combination of 'seed thought,' plus discussion, plus 'consciousness-task' is meant to further awaken the sense of sacred reality that has been seeded into human consciousness at the beginning of time.  This sensibility arises out of the inner nature of all human beings and needs to be rediscovered as already present. 

Blessings upon this movement into greater light and into the remembrance of your own Divine identity.  Julie Redstone


Stepping Stones to Awareness is available in the Light Omega Bookshop.