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Symbols of hope project an energy across time and space that infuses our consciousness in a profound way.  Even if we do not understand their specific meaning or history, such universal symbols contain an emotional message that points to an inner truth that we feel within. It is to this awakening of truth that their power may be attributed, for even if unknown and mysterious to our conscious minds, we are stirred, somehow, in a nameless way, and in their presence become part of the greater whole of mankind and of souls everywhere.

These symbols of renewal and upliftment may be manmade, or may appear in nature as Divine testimony to hope in life.  Such ordinary things as a flower opening, new buds on trees, the birth of a child, a sunrise, the presence of a star-filled sky can give rise to boundless hope because they point to the powerful and eternal renewal of life itself.

Symbols of Hope bring hope to our hearts and a sense of life's meaning and purpose.  In this way, they sustain us and nourish our deeper knowing, giving expression, even if only for a moment, to that which lies in the realm of Spirit.


Symbols of Hope:

Cross of the Four Crowns

Statue of Liberty

The Winged Heart

Great Sphinx of Gizeh



Lines of spiritual light connect people, situations, ideas, and events in time and space that resonate with each other.  They move out from us and travel across the planet as currents of energy. As they interact with people, things, and circumstances, everywhere, they spread the message of light and of hope. They also join with other streams of light, strengthening the planetary network of light and creating healing for the planet.

Lines of Light can emanate from our thoughts, from our feelings, and from our bodies themselves.  They can reflect the state of our hearts, and are strengthened by the words we speak when these words resonate with an energy of Divine light and love. Such words can soothe the heart and uplift the soul, furthering the process of individual and planetary awakening.


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