A Guide to Shifting Consciousness at the Dawn of a New Age

by Julie of Light Omega


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"Teaching the Heart to Sing" is a message of hope and light from the Realms of Light that was co-created with Julie of Light Omega and published in 1989. It is being offered once again in a newly edited version that contains a new update and a more complete expression of light. It is being republished at this time because of the importance of its content for those seeking to embark upon a new and sacred way of life in keeping with the needs of the present and the future. In its original form, it was described in this way by Sir George Trevelyan who wrote the commentary for it:


"This is a lovely book, an inspired book through which the wisdom flows like crystal fresh water from a spring. It was sent to me when other matters pressed and I had little time, but grudgingly I opened after a long day's journeying. And having started, I could not put the book down but read deep into the night, slept a little, and on waking took it up again and finished it."


May its message of inspiration and illuminated truth inspire the lives of many.  Blessings – Light Omega