Mandala of the Living Earth

Mandala of the living Earth



Julie of Light Omega


"At the present time, all of life, including the tiniest insect, is being affected by a new influx of God's light. The Earth herself is being transformed by this higher vibration which is now liberating a 'pre-encoded transformational sequence' that has lain dormant for eons within the center of her body"...

Light Omega Newsletter - Jan. 24, 2006


The earth is presently undergoing an upsurge of light within the cells of her body, much as an individual will experience an intensification of light within the cells of their body.  The earth, however, already recognizes how to integrate this light into all of her systems to bring her into a higher level of being and consciousness.  This is what ‘pre-encoded' means – that all systems are integrated so that when one system gets the signal that light of a sufficiently intense kind is now available and coming to the cells of her body, all systems respond to this message which they have been waiting for since the earth's creation in the beginning. 

There is no comparison to this on the human level, for it presumes a level of consciousness within the cells themselves that human beings do not yet possess.  The earth, however, possesses the capacity for fully integrating the intensified light and higher vibration into her entire integrated system through the communication of the cells themselves regarding how to do this.  It would be something like the way in which the cells, after fertilization, know how to produce an embryo and how to divide further in order to become a fetus then a baby.  The earth's cells know how to transform their own frequency of vibration and to adapt all other systems within the earth’s body to this higher frequency of vibration.  It is part of her being to know how to do this, just as it is part of the human being to know how to create a baby out of a fertilized egg.  This does not happen through conscious intention, but through the way in which biology works and is programmed to work.  Similarly for the earth.

When the signal comes through that tells the earth that a new vibration is here, the other systems begin to generate a field of light around themselves in order to match the vibration of the incoming signal.  Things that manifest physically that relate to the external eco-system of the earth – the plants, animals, trees, rain patterns, and atmosphere - all begin to take in this new vibration of light and are all affected by it.  In some instances, this changes the nature of the manifestation itself so that it appears differently than it did before.   In other instances, the presence of more life can be felt within living things, not visually, but kinesthetically, from one body to another.  It would be as if we were looking at an image in black and white or in grays and all of a sudden color came into view.  Or, it would be as if we were looking at very pale and muted colors, and all of a sudden they became more vibrant.  These changes are not seen so much as felt.  For the perceiver, the awareness that something more was possible did not exist prior to the new experience.  So, too, will the world look and feel different within the new vibration of light, once the earth’s body has integrated this new vibration.

The possibility for self-healing of the earth’s many systems also exists as a result of the function of greater light.  Many of nature’s aspects that have been damaged in the course of human history have the possibility of self-repair because the light itself can contribute to this possibility.  This does not mean that species that are now extinct can regenerate themselves.  But it does mean that new species can be born to replace the old, much in the way that new brain cells can form when others are damaged, to take up the function of the old cells that are no longer of use.  The earth, similarly, has a self-healing potential of even greater magnitude.

The new vibration of light is already present within the earth’s physical body and within the physical atmosphere of the earth.  On one level, we can think of this as a function of light ‘descending’ from upper realms into the lower.  On another level, we can think of this as the earth moving further ‘into’ the vibration that has already existed on a different plane of experience, allowing for the interpenetration of that plane’s vibration with her own vibration – the physical vibration of time and space.

However much one may try to extrapolate to the experience of living upon a new earth in a new time, it is not really possible since our physical senses are attuned to a kind of perception that relates them in particular ways to time, space, and physicality.  What will occur, however, is not only a change to the earth in this new time, but also a change in the way that senses perceive.  The physical senses will become coordinated with other senses that have, for the most part, lain dormant within most people since the beginning of their earth journey here.  Not only will it be a different earth, but it will also be a different pair of eyes, a different nose, and a different heart that touches and interacts with this different earth.


"When the signal comes through that tells the earth that a new vibration is here…things that manifest physically... all begin to take in this new vibration of light and are all affected by it... The presence of more life can be felt within living things, not visually, but kinesthetically, from one body to another."


The presence of greater light within the physical substance of the earth will begin to show itself within the material or molecular structure of trees, plants, grass, and all things that are alive.  It has already begun to do so. The molecules themselves and the atoms of these molecules will begin to vibrate in a different pattern, with greater coherence of the sub-atomic particles in relation to the whole.  The pattern of greater coherence is one that scientists will discover; it is not known yet.  It has to do with the tendency of sub-atomic particles to separate themselves from the central core and then to return again to that central core.  With greater coherence, there is less separation and more of a tendency to return sooner to the central core which operates more in a ‘magnetic’ way.  This phenomenon of ‘coherence’ gives rise to a different perception of things externally.  To the eyes, what ‘is’ seems richer, fuller, and more present.  It is hard to say with present-day eyes how objects can appear ‘more present’, but the inner change in vibration will cause them to appear more ‘there’ as well as more alive.  This is something that those who have had what are called ‘mystical visions’ can testify to, but it is not something that the vast majority of the population have acquaintance with.  The world, and all that it contains, will appear more alive and more present to the new eyes that will see the light within things.

Overall, it will be a time of increased relationship between individual consciousness and physical matter, for just as the physicality of objects will no longer be a hindrance to unity since they will seem and will be more ‘present’, so, too, will the shift in consciousness toward unity cause an embracing of this presentness and a greater perception of oneness with the environment and with all living things.  As a result, the two that are beholder and what is beheld, will increasingly become one.


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