Each human being is capable of taking part in the network of light that surrounds the planet, simply by virtue of being human and carryingn the light of the Divine within.

Those who have, through work and through Divine blessing, increased the amount of light that they carry, have a more significant role to play within the planetary network, but this role is open to anyone whose heart desires to contribute to it, to contribute to the healing and wellbeing of the planet.

A network of light is composed of spiritual energy on multidimensional levels.  It combines and incorporates energy from the higher realms of light, with energy within the Earth, within physical matter, and within human beings.  It is the emanation of Divine blessing and Divine being that now bestows upon the Earth an accelerated capacity to transform through the power of light into a planet of illumination, peace, and love.

All that you need to do to join this network more fully is to recognize that you are already part of it, and to determine to increase your participation by your conscious decision to live life as a sacred being, one who is devoted to God's purposes for the Earth and for all beings.  This intention alone will open the pathway of light within you, and your life and the life around you will begin to change.

All blessings to those who seek to walk the path of light, for they are choosing to be manifestations and messengers of the great love that God and the higher realms hold for the Earth and her inhabitants.

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