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About the Sacred Earth Council

The Sacred Earth Council holds as its intention the recommitting of our hearts to the purposes of sacred relationship with each other and with the holy Earth. Its goal is to help us examine the choices we make that affect the life of the Earth, beginning with what we eat and what we wear. The principle of 'do no harm' is a foundational principle for this effort, and our intention is to learn, together, how to manifest this principle in order to o live in sacredness upon the Earth.

You are invited to join us remotely at the Sacred Earth Council meetings which are listed in the Light Omega Calendar (Green colored event) and take place once a month..  You are also invited to take part in one or more of the four Sacred Earth Council Committees that meet every two or three weeks, some with regular times, some not.  These Committees are the:


1. Food Choices Committee


How we can make choices about the foods we eat that do no harm to the Earth or to ourselves.  This includes the need to purchase locally grown organic produce, and to disconnect from purchasing things that are imported from far away or that supports agricultural practices that are harmful to the Earth.   We are in need of becoming beloveds and friends of the Earth rather than consumers of the Earth, and so our food choices need to reflect this.


2. Clothing Choices Committee


Our clothing choices also can support the wellbeing of the Earth in terms of agricultural practices used to make cloth, or our choices can be harmful in a similar way as food choices.  Here, we are additionally concerned with the plight of garment workers in third-world countries who, out of need and dire poverty, are working for non-sustainable wages and in unsafe working conditions.


3.  Do No Harm Committee


This Committee explores the complexity involved in trying to live a life that 'does no harm' to other beings or to the Earth.  While a vision is held of what 'do no harm' practiced on a wide scale might mean for us and for society as a whole, we are asked to be gentle and compassionate toward ourselves, honoring and respecting the place we are in at present in our ability to make new choices about how we live.


4. CSA Committee


This Committee has been locally focused, helping the local community to purchase food shares (CSAs) and suggesting group events at local farms that could lead to community building. It may, in the future, focus on the larger concern of how to develop community in our hearts, so that we reject no one, but embrace all who have entered our lives, welcoming them as children of the One no matter what their outer presentation.  Under consideration is changing the name of this committee to 'e pluribus unum,' "out of many, One."


Online Participation


For those who wish to join us online, we are presently using a Google Hangouts platform which is very easy to connect with.  We are in the eastern U.S., so time zone differential needs to be considered in arranging to meet with us.  Those who want to join the Sacred Earth Council and/or its committess should write to us at  We will welcome you with open hearts as if you were here in person.  Those interested should also consult the Light Omega Calendar regularly so that you can see what other activities you may be interested in attending remotely.


There is no cost for joining the Sacred Earth Counci or its committees.  However, since Light Omega is a donation-supported non-profit organization, we hope that those who become more involved with our purposes will feel guided to make a regular contribution in the amount of your choosing.


Please feel free to ask any questions that may still need to be clarified.  Once you make a firm commitment to attending a meeting, a Google Hangouts link will be sent to well as an e-mail letting you know the date of the next meeting of a particular committee.  You can also look on the Light Omega Calendar.


Beloved One, we bless your desire to help the Earth and her inhabitants at this time of great change and great need. 


With deepest love and gratitude - Julie of Light Omega




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