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About the Seva Community


The Seva Community of Light Omega came into being with the desire to promote unity and oneness among its members, and also to represent to the world a way of being together that would address the longstanding history of separaten that human beings have experienced, replacing this with a Template for giving and receiving among a conscious community of souls.  The paths of Love - Alignment - Extension were identified as the initial ways of founding a sacred community based in light, one whose central purpose was to manifest human and Divine intention in a way that joins them both.  For this purpose, various specific projects and activities were undertaken so that the creative living foundation of a sacred community could come into being.


First among these was the healing of relationships so that all that separates one person from another could be addressed, the gaps closed, and greater love expressed. This process was known as 'Reconciliation.'


Second, a Seva List was created in order to permit people to come together in loving service to each other with the principle of giving to another part of oneself the underlying premise, eliminating the view of others as separate.  This Seva List of offerings became the initial foundation for the Seva Community.


Third, a Karuna Needs List was created to address the needs of those in the Seva Community that had not been addressed by the Seva List of offerings.  The spiritual vibration surrounding this list is compassion.  'Karuna' is the Sanskrit word for compassion, and it is with compassion that one addresses the needs or suffering of others as well as the needs and suffering of oneself.


Fourth, a Seva Hands service was created to extend loving service into a more active form that would engage pairs of individuals on a monthly basis with serving the needs of the Seva Community. Seva Hands becomes the extension of the Seva List, and the pair of individuals who have signed up to serve in any given month are sent by a Seva Hands Coordinator to where the needs are greatest.


Finally, an Atma Resource List was created to share among members of the Seva Community those helpers within daily life who are both able to provide abilities and skills that are needed, as well as a quality of relationship that is kind and attentive to the person asking for help.  The quality of relationship is assumed to reflect the soul qualities of individuals whose names are placed on this list, whether they have a conscious spiritual life or not.  'Atma' is a Sanskrit word for 'soul,' and it is with this in mind that we accept all resources as emanating from the Soul of the Universe that is One, and view as individual expressions of that One, the many whose names are placed on this list.  These include physicians, accountants, healers, house painters, and all other persons we might call upon for help.  The Atma Resource List is a way of sharing resources with all, and this list provides an extension to the purposes of the Seva Community itself. 




Seva List


What is Seva?

Seva is sacred service performed with a loving heart and a desire to give from the bounty of universal provision to another aspect of the universal Self.  This 'other' to whom we give is also part of oneself, for what is individualized as an embodied self is also One with all.  Seva is a recognition of this Oneness, expressed as a desire to bless the other part of self and to serve the needs of the other.


What is the Seva List?

The Seva List has been created as an avenue for unfolding unity and oneness within the Light Omega Community through service, and also as a way of inviting all who wish to take part to offer their gifts of expression to others. At times it may not be known to the individual self how valuable these gifts are.  And yet the simplest offering, made with love, can have a value that far exceeds its outer appearance.  Therefore, those who choose to take part in this list should know that there is no offering that is too small or to 'non-spiritual' to be included on a list of loving service.


What is the Circle of Giving and Receiving?

The Circle of Giving and Receiving is a dynamic principle of flow of energy, based in love, that wishes to receive from the universe gratefully and to give back to that universe both gratitude and response. The Circle of Giving and Receiving is incomplete if one gives only.  It is also incomplete if one receives only.  Giving and receiving are two parts of a sacred whole.


To become part of the Seva List and to have the current List sent to you please contact the Seva Committee.  Write to: 


"May my hands be a messenger of Thy peace."




 Karuna Needs List


What is Karuna?

'Karuna' is the stream of compassion that comes from the universal Self or One expressed through the individual heart.  The heart's compassion, when it flows from this stream, is not dependent on any external influence or situation, but rather emanates from a constant Source within.  Out of this Source arises love and compassion for all beings and a desire to end suffering for all.  Out of this Source comes the desire to help where help is possible, to ease the burdens that others carry.


What is the Karuna Needs List?

Out of compassion we seek to meet the needs of all in keeping with the principle that all needs can be met out of Divine provision. Sometimes what is deemed a need is not truly that, but more of a 'want' that the individual self feels that does not serve the highest good of that self.  Compassion always seeks to serve the highest good while at the same time easing the suffering of all.  It is with this in mind that the List of Needs is presented so that compassion can lead those who desire to respond to do so for the highest good and out of the Divine bounty that exists within the self. 


How does the Karuna/Needs list operate?

To place a particular need on this list it is requested that prayerful alignment precede doing so, so that what is requested is what serves the greatest good at a given moment in time or for a particular period of one's life.


Needs can be expressed both in terms of content and in terms of time required.  Also, degree of perceived urgency can be expressed, if so desired, on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest priority.


Please contact the Seva Committee to place your request on the Karuna Needs List.  The Seva Committee can be reached at 




"S/he who saves one life saves the world."




 Seva Hands



What is Seva Hands?

'Seva Hands' is a monthly Seva Service offered by two individuals acting as a pair or team, who agree to go where they are needed for one month, totaling a number of hours of their own choosing - 4 to 6 hours for the entire month being the suggested range at present.  This monthly service is set up on a rotating basis and it is requested that people who wish to take part sign up for a particular month on the calendar well in advance.  It is anticipated that this will not involve anyone in activity more than once in six  months.


'Seva Hands' is the expression of a deeper commitment of the heart to serve others as and where it is needed during the allotted time period. The tasks will vary according to the needs specific to a particular time, and these needs will be selected from the Karuna Needs List by a Seva Hands Coordinator.  In the event of an emergency, Seva Hands will be 'on call' to respond to an exceptional situation. 


Seva Hands as an Energetic Anchor

This conception of 'Seva Hands' is not new, for many in public service as well as in spiritual service are ready to go where they are called in order to respond to an unanticipated need. What is different about this is the additional empowerment by the force of light and the alignment with the Divine Oneness to carry the energies of compassion and generosity further than they would be carried if light were not involved.  This makes of each individual act of service something greater than itself, something that transcends the boundaries of the individual situation or person being served.


Learning About Love

For those who wish to serve others and the purposes of divine Light, it is important to know that all acts of service, no matter how mundane or ordinary in appearance, can be held as sacred. All acts can stem from the place of deepest universal love within the self, which is the place of the soul within.  Aligning in this way in preparation for being of service makes of any task a joyful expression of serving God and of extending love beyond what may have been its personal limitations and boundaries. For this reason, Seva Hands is also a gift to the giver who wishes to learn to see all of life as sacred and to feel the bounty of their own capacity for love.


How to sign up for Seva Hands

The Seva Hands calendar for January - June and July - December will be kept by the Seva Hands Coordinator.  For those able to, please sign up for one month during the next six-month period. We understand that severe physical or energetic limitations may prevent this from being possible for some right now, and look forward to the time when this is not so.  Contact:




"I shall send them two by two and their message of Love

shall change the world."





Atma Resource List


'Atma' is a Sanskrit word for 'soul.'  It is the One manifested as the essence within each individual being. Here, in this list, it refers both to the Source of all resources which is the universal Oneness, and to the expressions of the One found within individuals whom we feel something about in their deeper being or self.  In suggesting such individuals as resources, we are not looking for an ideal self or for a spiritual consciousness of Oneness in an articulated way, but for an access to the soul that conveys qualities of kindness, openness, understanding, and empathy for others.  We are looking for these qualities in order to relate to the helpers we seek, viewing both their abilities and skills as well as the quality of our relationship with them.


There are those who may offer help to us in the course of life that are of different disciplines and with different skills.  Our discernment takes place largely below the threshold of awareness and is multi-faceted: energetic, in terms of the vibration that individuals carry; emotional, in terms of their empathy, love, and the desire to do good; spiritual, manifested as an open heart and the willingness to respond from the place of relatedness and of human concern.  This can especially apply to health care providers, but it can also apply to tradespeople where the capacity for human-to-human contact has often been lost due to busyness and the pressures of maintaining an income.  Soul expression within an embodied being does not require a conscious spiritual path, but rather acknowledges that movement in the direction of kindness, empathy, and understanding has taken place.


If you have found a helper of any kind in the local area in which you live who has been of service to you whom you can recommend to others, please share their name, contact information, and a brief description of why you are placing them on this list.  Send this to the Seva Committee at In doing so, you are not only assisting others in the community who may have a need for similar help, you are also extending the meaning and purpose of the Seva Community outward to include others.


Here are some categories to consider in adding names to the Atma Resource List:


Accountants and lawyers

Contractors of all kinds



Healers and alternative health care providers


Medical Health Care Providers


Social agency representatives


...any other category that is not covered here.





Seva Committees and Groups


In developing a Seva Community that can undertake the holy work that is its purpose and goal, it is important to support this work through a structure that allows many individuals to help shape the Community that shall be.  For this purpose an infrastructure of the Seva Community is created, served by the member groups listed below. For each group the process of members aligning with each other in the unity of Divine service is as important as the function that is being served.


Seva Committee

Oversees the Seva and Karuna-Needs Lists and updates the Community about how these lists are working so that all are aware of the activities that are taking place within the Circle of Giving and Receiving


Development Committee

The purpose of this committee is to plan and develop a process of outreach that will let others know about the local Seva Community and how to start Communities of their own where they live.  The committee also updates the Seva Community booklet as needed so that what is written reflects current needs. 


Seva Hands

Participants in Seva Hands form a group that rotates on a monthly basis in service to the entire community. Some members may take more active responsibility for refining the functioning of this sacred service so that it works as smoothly as possible.


Soul Friends Group

A circle of love, compassion, and presentness whose purpose is to discover a way of sharing reality on a deep level, with attention and respect for each person's experience. In this way the Soul Friends group embodies a prayer for growth, healing, and an expansion of oneness.






We offer our blessings to all those near and far who in

 their hearts have already joined the Seva Community.

May each receive the gifts that this brings.





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