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from Robert's conversation with Zoe, Farm spokesperson

Split Shares
The cost of a full share is $580.  This covers six months of receiving fresh produce, from June through November, amounting to approximately $100/month or less than $25/week.

There are two ways to purchase a half-share of produce:

Spllit Share #1

If you pick up your split share at the farm, the cost would be the cost of a full share plus $60 additional to cover the additional costs to the farm (adminifstrative, parking, & other), divided by two. (eg. $580+60 = $640, then divided by 2 would = $320 per person for a share split equally by 2 people.  


Splitting a share this way, when you go to the farm or when the Light Omega delivery volunteer goes to the farm for you, you will pack a split-share sized bag of vegetables.   How you divide up the produce in the case of an uneven number of items would be up to the two shareholders.  For "you-pick" items, you can go to do this whenever you want to. 

Brookfield will need the  email addresses for both people in a spllit share, since you will be signing up as two separate members. Two people splitting a share are jointly responsible for the payment. There is no need to coordinate with one another beyond that.

Split Share #2

There is another way to do a split share.  One person can sign up for a share, and the other person does not need to sign up at all.  The full share is picked up but is not split at the farm.  It is split at home.  Using this option, when "you-pick" is done, both people need to be there at the same time, or one could pick for both. The idea is that the two persons function as one united share in relation to picking. Similarly, Brookfield Farm holds only one email address for the two split-share persons.

* If you want to split a share with someone from Light Omega, you can ask them directly or contact the CSA committee and we can match you with someone to split a share with.  If we have an odd number of people wanting split shares, then Brookfield will find someone to split the remaining share.

Affordability - Donor Supported Shares

Brookfield Farm has a certain number of  "donor supported shares" which reduce the price of a full share by 50%, and people can use "Snap" (food stamps) benefits to pay the remaining 50% of the share.  If that is not possible or if there are no "donor support shares" remaining, let Julie know as we want everyone who wants to join to be able to.


Children are an integral part of the farm. Much of the time there are children around, participating in pick your own, playing in the sandbox, or being "free range" on the farm, playing and "doing what kids do."  However, if a child wanted to sit on a tractor they would need to have adult supervision. There are other areas where safety and supervision is important as well since this is a working farm. (eg. approaching electric fences, etc.) 

There are five events scheduled for the Brookfield community during the year, that are child-friendly with activities for children.

Children can volunteer during either the 8am or 1pm volunteer sign-up times. There may be some times when what the work crew is doing is not something that a child could participate in, but then a different task would be found for him or her.  There is always something happening where help is needed..


The primary role of animals within the overall farm system is that of producing manure to contribute to the fertility of the soil.  Eating of the grass by the cows is also important as an aspect of cultivation. While Brookfield Farm does not raise animals for meat as a primary purpose, some animals are raised for meat as part of the overall life cycle of the farm - about 4 to 7 cows per year.  Frozen meat is available from time to time to members of the farm, though this is separate from the regular shares.

Pigs are also integral to the farm system. They help with tillage and with keeping the forest from encroaching into the fields. Their role is also central in the management of certain kinds of plants that otherwise are difficult to remove or maintain through human action.

The farm team has close relationships with the animals, and there is an integral  partnership between human and animals that is very important to the overall functioning of the farm.

In order to maintain the animals, their number must be proportionate to the size of the land. The death of animals is therefore also part of the cycle of the farm.  This, however, does not change the importance of the relationship of humans and animals to the overall functioning and life of the farm.


For more details visit or contact the CSA Committee.



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