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Planning Committee - Foundational Principles

Foundational principles for establishing the Village of Light Ashram are given by Those of the Light who are shepherding this ashram into being. These principles are articulated below:

Message No. 1

In embarking on this sacred journey, we do not rely on mind to establish direction, but rest entirely on Divine guidance from which thoughts regarding manifestation can be derived. Each one who joins the Planning Committee will learn to pray for Divine guidance concerning the part they are called to play, and only then will the mind become involved.

This is an important foundational principle of how discussions regarding the future can and must take place - through collective attunement and through each one asking for Divine guidance.

Message No. 2

The timeline of this undertaking is unknown. Therefore, those who take part in the planning must hold to the understanding that Divine timing is guiding the sequence of events that will unfold, including when land shall be found, and when those who are needed to help this become a living reality shall appear. The mind is not in charge of this unfoldment. The Divine Plan is the author and creative impulse, brought into manifestation by those who take part on the physical plane


Message No. 3

Foundational principles for the Village of Light emanate from a higher dimensional level in which this Village or ashram already exists as a template. This template needs to be brought forth onto the physical plane as and when the time is right.


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