That all may live as One


What we imagine, what we aspire to, becomes a living reality, perhaps not in the next moment, but in time as our intention remains strong.  This is the basis for believing in the possibility of joining together in light, for such joining is not dependent nor does it aspire to emulate those relationships that are built on 'like' or 'dislike,' on having a common cultural, ethnic, social, or political background, or even on thinking the same thoughts in a spiritual context.  This joining in light depends upon the heart's willingness to forego all such considerations and qualifications so that the heart can exist in a non-exclusive state, offering love to all, receiving the blessing of the Universe in return.


Such joining has often been difficult for us because we feel entrapped, very often, by thoughts of not-liking characteristics that others possess, or in feeling disliked ourselves.  This criterion of 'like' and 'dislike' is very pervasive.  Therefore, what is needed in order to circumvent what has been a very limiting factor to our heart, is the belief in the possible, that is, that our hearts have within them the capacity to love and bless others whom we know and whom we don't know, simply because we recognize them as fellow creatures created by the One Creator of all.


What is simple to say is often difficult to do, however.  The heart must surrender its emotional biases in favor of the desire to love, in favor of the aspiration to love, and must be willing to release all justifications for holding resentment, judgment, separation, or exclusivness in relation to any and all beings, for within each is a soul created by God.


We do not have to condone hurtful, abusive, or destructive behavior in order to join with others, for we join with others not on the level of behavior but on the level of recognition of their deepest heart.  Behavior needs to be dealt with on its own terms depending upon the effect it has.  Yet, apart from behavior there is the soul who is not the behavior, however much the opposite may seem true.  Apart from behavior there is the soul yearning to break free of behaviors that have become habits and habits that have become compulsions, seemingly unbreakable in their hold on human consciousness.


It is love alone that can free others from this seemingly intractable situation of habitual behaviors that are not loving and that may, indeed, be harmful.  Criticism does not set others free.  Punishment creates fear and a restriction of many harmful behaviors, but it does not alter the underlying motivation.  Only love sets others free, and to join with others we must seek this love within ourselves that exists untouched by prejudice and unruffled by the behavioral display of others, the love that sends the unqualified message that all are One.


Such love which is part of light and joined with it lives in each of us.  It is our birthright as divinely created beings.  Yet, because of the covers that have hidden it during lives of separation, we must seek it again, and seeking, we must embrace it as the gift we give to life.  For when we love others truly and deeply, when we seek to join with them in light, we are giving a gift not only to the ones we designate as our beloveds, but to all of life as well.


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