That all may live as One

"Let none be forgotten" - A Motto for Our Time
Julie of Light Omega

Let None Be Forgotten

Let none be forgotten,

not those in other lands, nor those in the cosmos,

nor those who have departed the physical plane

who live in the realm of spirit.

Let our hearts hold all, embrace all,

so that no one is invisible to us,

no one falls outside the gaze of our caring.

Within time and space and beyond time and space,

may those who travel in pain find a resting place

in our hearts.

May the departed ones be helped by us to shed

the earthly coil, to release the past that

is now behind them,

and walk through the doors of limitation

into the bright light of freedom.

We pray that our hearts may become

a shield for the frightened,

a tranquil space for the weary,

a home that we may live in, in unity with

the rest of life.

Let none be forgotten, and in our reaching

may we include our own vibrant selves,

that this truest part of us that has

waited to take form,

may become the means and substance by which we live.



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