That all may live as One

by Robert

What truly nourishes us, living here on the Earth?


It is to share in the beauty and bounty of the Earth’s goodness, to celebrate the wonder of life together, and to share in the expression of who each of us is – as embodied souls on the Earth. All of this can be, is meant to be, in harmony with the Earth. Not taking from the Earth, but in a reciprocal relationship of giving and receiving in attunement with all the living Earth.


How we live on the Earth in ‘modern’ time has gone so far from this – at cost not only to the Earth but to ourselves. We are living with an infrastructure in the world – of houses and cities and roads, of the burning of fossil fuels and creating enormous damage to the Earth, her mineral gifts, her living creatures – that reflects aspirations that came from the past. It is a legacy we have inherited based on the values of accumulating material wealth, power, access, and comfort – without awareness of the effect of doing so not only on the Earth, but on each one’s consciousness and the consciousness of the societies.   It creates a momentum of its own that accelerates, so that individuals and societies become caught in this seeking and wanting more and more in an endless cycle.


Yet into this picture, two things are arriving in our consciousness: the inner disquiet of the soul that knows that this cycle of accumulation will not bring the true peace to us that we seek deep within; and growing knowledge of the material consequences of our collective actions in global warming, increasing toxicity, vanishing species, and grief of knowing the devastation of our impact upon the earth.


The change that is needed is simple, really. It is to recognize that we need less. We need far less, materially, than we have become accustomed to feeling that we “need”.   If we were to not seek this change, we could spend much of our lives trying to support the far excessive infrastructure that we have unconsciously accepted – as if it were what we needed. Or, we can begin to free ourselves of what we don’t need, and truly then find that we have vast resources of soul liberated, so that we can devote our lives to what is truly of value to the deepest parts of us, and the greater life of which we are part.


We have the capacity within us to “know” how to live in harmony with the Earth. Our bodies are made of the Earth, infused of Spirit. We have the knowing within us to begin to become architects of the future - in harmony with our deeper selves and truths, in harmony with the Earth.

The desire to be free, and to express freely, is meant to be in harmony with the whole of which we are part, not otherwise. It is a false presumption to think that in order to be free we must take and use and violate the spiritual and physical Earth that provides the very foundation and living sustenance for the freedom we are given and by which we express our souls.   Each of our unique, beautiful, creative expressions of self and soul are meant to enhance all the life of the Earth - just as the Earth gives freely and fully of Life to each of us.


Finding new ways to live together on the land, on the Earth, is waiting within us. Your body is the Earth. The Earth is your body.  The spirit of Life lives within each of us, uniquely – and is also One life, the life we share. The future of living together in loving oneness with Earth is in your heart. Value it, listen to it, follow its whispers to the land where the soul and the Earth join as One. In this way, we will choose our way toward the future of living in love with the Earth. And along the way, we will dance together in the joy of returning to a way of being that is new upon all the Earth.


All blessings to our awakening to the Earth’s consciousness within each of us.


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