That all may live as One


These are prayers for all beings, that all may come to know the truth of who they are and the Oneness in which they live. 


May all beings desire love more than they desire judgment.


May all beings value the possible more than they value the past.


May all beings seek oneness and an end to separation, rather than relying on self-protection and fear as a way of life.


May all beings come to recognize the truth of their own wholeness, and the life of the soul of which they are a part.


May all come to know that the life of the soul is arriving on the Earth, and that each one has a choice to make to take part in it most fully.



May all beings come to know the truth of their own lovingness.


May all come to feel their capacity to put aside fear and to walk in that truth, in harmony with themselves and with all inhabitants of the Earth.


May peace and love come to all who seek it, and may each who desires love for the world become that love.



May the light of love penetrate all darkness

so that we see what is true and what is not.

May the covering over vision be dispelled

so that what appears to be light but is

lacking in love will no longer hold sway.




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