That all may live as One


The vision and hope that we may embrace now is that of an ecovillage where all can share life in a more embodied way while remaining true to the principles of light.


Such a village will allow us to care for the Earth as we care for ourselves, and will, at the same time, hold God and light at the center of all decision making so that the practical no longer remains separate from the spiritual, and so that all decisions reflect the highest possible alignment that can be held with the intentionality of the Divine.


This ecovillage is not meant to be a human endeavor, but an endeavor undertaken in concert with the intentionality of the Divine to manifest a new way of living upon the Earth and with the Earth, one that holds spiritual reality at the center and out of that center embraces the vibration of love in all decisions and interactions.


This ecovillage is also intended to be an instrument for the teaching of others about how to live according to principles of light as well as principles of sustainability in relation to the Earth.  Those who come here will gain from their stay a new vision of the possible, a vision that can then spread to the particular circumstances of each one, wherever they are.


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