The joining of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, for the benefit of all beings,

that all may live as One.



Coming into being now, an ecovillage devoted to the principles of light and to living in harmony with the sacred earth.


   Statement of Purpose
   Village of Light Ashram - Foundational Principles
   "Let None Be Forgotten" -  A Motto for Our Time
   Village of Light and the Sound Temple, Tiruvannamalai, India
   'Living as One' by Robert
   Ten Petal Lotus Diagram
   Permaculture Principles for a New Earth
   Prayer for Group Alignment
   Prayer for All Beings
   Prayer for Joining the Human and Divine
   Prayers for Loving Service
   Joining Together in Light
   The Shaping of a Republic: Communities Based in Love
   Selected Videos
                                          What is the Seva Community?
                                          About the Seva Community
                                          Talks on Seva - the Template for a New Society
                                          SACRED EARTH COUNCIL
                                          What is the Sacred Earth Council?
                                          Brookfield Farm - Purchasing CSA Shares
                                          Village of Light Journal
                                           'There is a Love' by Matthew


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