The birth of a holy planet


Messages of Light concerning the Principles of Light

2nd Sunday of the Month, 10:30am (ET)

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(3rd Sunday - 10:30am (ET) - Shorter talk and general discussion)

Dear Beloved Ones,

These webcasts offer Divine messages of light that transcend their content.  They are meant to not only inform you but to affect your body in ways known and unknown.  This can happen as light is transmitted through the spoken word and through your own receptivity to what is being offered. May the blessings of this time of expanding light be with you, revealing to you your holy self.


Julie and Those Who Serve the Light



Apr. 9th – "Hope for the World"
May. 14th – "The World You Create"




Webcasts are available to remote viewers using Google Hangouts.  If you wish to take part online, write to us at and the link will be sent to you.  All that is needed is to paste it into your browser and you will be there.  For information about future webcasts sign up for the Light Omega Mailing List.


Webcasts are freely offered.  We welcome all contributions you may choose to make to support Light Omega's work.




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