The birth of a holy planet


1st and 3rd Sundays - Talk by Julie/ Webcast

1st Sunday is the longer talk

2nd and 4th Sundays - Guided Meditation and practice

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Dear Beloved Ones,


We welcome you to these sacred gatherings and hope that you will find nourishment and upliftment here.  Julie's teachings form the basis for the gatherings, and these take place during the initial talk that she gives and throughout the discussion which follows.


You may not know what precisely is drawing you to visit Light Omega, and this is to be expected. For the soul sends its messages of resonance and guidance, often without words, and if you wish to be here to experience the gathering and Julie's teachings, you are most welcome to come.


There are chairs available for those in need of some physical support.  Most, however, sit on cushions on the floor.  Our time together is intimate and sacred, and so it is important that it be honored by your arriving early so that you can be seated by 10:25am, and that you refrain from wearing any fragrances (shampoo, hand lotion) that might affect those who are sensitive.  The vibration of light which is bountiful at Light Omega often expands not only one's consciousness, but also the energies that are in need of releasing from one's psyche and from one's body, and so we ask those who come to be aware of this fact, even if they do not know precisely what it means.


You do not have to have any particular spiritual orientation to be here.  The universality of Divine love welcomes any and all to the table at which Divine spiritual food is served. May your visit here be blessed. 


PLEASE CONTACT us at if you need additional factual information about the gathering or to let us know that you would like to come.  If you wish to pay a visit at other times or for other purposes, you may also contact Julie directly using this link.


Blessings - Light Omega


Additional information:


When you arrive and if there is room, please park in the driveway, otherwise on the street.


We try to maintain this as a fragrance-free space.  Please avoid wearing perfume, cologne, hair spray, shampoo, or hand lotion whose scent might disturb others with chemical sensitivities.


Socks are necessary in this sacred space.  Please enter with them, not barefoot.


There is a Bookshop area in the room just inside the entryway. Feel free to look around.


A donation to Light Omega in the amount of your choosing may be left in the Donations Box on the desk just inside the entryway.  Please make checks out to 'Light Omega,' not to Julie.  We thank you in advance for your contribution.



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