The birth of a holy planet


Welcome to Light Omega.  We are here to serve you in the highest possible sense by bringing you into the true knowledge of your own Divine identity.  Though such knowledge may seem like a distant memory for some, for others it is close by, waiting within the heart and soul to be brought forward so that life can be lived with a fullness of experience and a unity of heart that acknowledges love as the Source of life.

All who travel through these pages will find the face of the Beloved everywhere, for it is God's face and Presence that is the true teacher of Divine identity, and it is this Presence that is needing to be awakened within each inhabitant of the Earth today.

All who are here now have come solely for this purpose which includes all lesser purposes of growth and healing within itself.  It is the purpose which unites all of life on Earth at this time - that of becoming a 'house' of light and a planet of light, able to embody the holy vibration of God's Divine light and love.

May all be blessed in the light of the One


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