The birth of a holy planet




Dear Beloved One,


Light Omega is a center of spiritual healing and nourishment based on the principles of light and the teachings of Julie of Light Omega. These teachings are conveyed both conceptually through the many resources and writings of the Light Omega website, and vibrationally through the energy of light that directly affects consciousness.  Experiencing Light Omega can take place in a variety of ways: at Sunday gatherings, through video and audio recordings of talks by Julie, in personal meetings with her, and in all the many ways that a vibration of light can be transmitted.


You are most welcome to join us in whatever way seems natural to you according to your present life circumstances.  To learn more, please visit the following web pages:


Sunday Gatherings


Meetings with Julie

Online groups


Light Omega, as a manifested center of light, asks those who derive benefit from its offerings to consider contributing to its ongoing work in the form of donations in the amount that one is guided to.  This holds true for individual meetings with Julie as well as for group activities of various kinds. Donations are not only necessary in order to maintain Light Omega, but also reflect your desire to be in right relationship with the universe of Divine gift and blessing.  To understand this principle more deeply, please read our:


Philosophy of Donations


We welcome you to join us, beloved one, and are deeply grateful for your presence on the Earth at this time of planetary transition and for your desire to serve the light. 


With all blessings - Light Omega




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