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WINTER SOLSTICE, 2012 - A Cosmic Event
Julie of Light Omega

The forthcoming solstice is an event of cosmic importance, not just to the inhabitants of the Earth but to the planetary constellation of which we are a part.  For the Earth is not the only planet in the solar system or in the galaxy which is conscious and illuminated with spiritual light.  There are many such planets, some on planes similar to our own but with less density, some on other planes of vibration which would make them invisible to our physical senses.  Nevertheless, they exist, and the Earth is now becoming able to join them in a Federation of Light that holds the consciousness of God at the center of its intimate experience of reality.

The planetary constellation of which the Earth is a part is not a physical body, but a group of similarly constructed planetary bodies, each with its own planetary consciousness, each a being in its own right.  These planetary bodies house the Divine imperative and ordination to become the home for souls that experience their lives in an evolutionary sense within a specific vibrational matrix and location.  It is in this way that human souls return again and again to the Earth’s sphere to continue to learn, and do not go elsewhere once they have begun.

The Federation of Light that forms the interconnected galactic unity of which the illuminated planets are a  part, is part of Divine design, and is an aspect of the galactic consciousness that holds not only planets, but stars, solar systems, and stars-in-the-making.  All that exists on the physical plane holds consciousness and is part of Divine design, and all, as it becomes more conscious, joins the Federation of Light, the Federation of Illuminated Planets, to better embrace its own part in the harmony and unity of universal wellbeing.

The Earth has experienced itself to be alone and without companions for a very long time.  Now, it shall increasingly know itself to be one among many, and yet absolutely unique in its own way.  For the Earth has held the blueprint for the mastery of duality for the entire galactic system, and as it raises its consciousness into light and achieves a fifth-dimensional calibration, all other participants in the galactic universe are simultaneously upgraded and advanced in their own evolutionary patterns.

The cosmic event of the Winter Solstice has been described in many ways, some creating fear, some creating joyful anticipation.  What the Solstice brings is the beginning of the new wave of unified consciousness that is part of the fifth-dimensional vibration, not only for those select few who are capable of attuning to it through meditation or intuitive capacity, but for the planet as a whole, whose physical body has now become capable of accepting this fifth-dimensional vibration.  It is in this way that all will be affected, irrespective of their belief system, by the incoming impulses of light, for all who have bodies are part of the Earth’s body, and the Earth’s body is now making a transition into the higher dimensions of light.

All prayers and blessings are desired at this time, for the speed and smoothness of this transition which shall affect the lives of all.  All reverence and love for the One Creator of all is called forth from the heart, as the cosmos itself undergoes a shift in the direction of Divine destiny.





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