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We sit together in prayerful silence or in focused meditation and involve ourselves with the matrix of one cosmic Being that descends through the varied planes of vibration, from the highest creative light of Source, down to the planes of greater density and duality.  These planes are co-existent, manifested as an aspect of the thought or consciousness of the inhabitants of each plane.  Those planes that are nearest to the creative Source of Life are manifesting light at a higher frequency of vibration than beings within lower dimensions.  However, all beings, everywhere, throughout all dimensions of light and reality, are one. 

Within the plane of duality, a huge 'experiment' and magnificent transition is taking place to bring those formerly embedded within the sphere of duality into the universal consciousness of oneness and the awareness of the Galactic Federation of Light.  This 'experiment,' whose outcome is, indeed, known, was designed to create intelligences within the sphere of duality that would be able to absorb and enhance the unity consciousness of the Whole through their ability to overcome the experience of separation from the One. 

Throughout the higher planes of light, beings at all levels have been watching and guarding the Earth's evolution and the inhabitants of Earth since the beginning of time in order to shepherd the planet and her inhabitants into the oneness of universal consciousness when the time was right.  Such beings exist within their own realms in service to the Divine Creator, and accept missions of various degrees and sizes in order to foster both the Divine plan for the Earth, and the evolution of consciousness as a whole. 

Beings who are watchful over the Earth's trajectory have been called many things: Ascended Masters, Brotherhood of Light, Assembled Council of the Holy, Divine Beings, gods and goddesses, and so forth.  Some have passed through the Earth's evolutionary cycle but many have not.  And yet all welcome the Earth and the new consciousness that is evolving, within the embrace of total and universal love.  This love is for what has truly never left the wholeness, only experienced itself as separate. 

Beings in various planes within the Realms of Light are presently assisting the Earth and her energy body as well as all inhabitants to raise their vibration so that a complete joining of the physical realm with the higher realms can take place.  This joining has been prepared for, for a very long time through the channeled and receptive efforts of many beings of light.  Such beings took embodiment and passed through the Earth's sphere in order to help others. 

Today, they assist directly through the intermingling of their consciousness with those on the Earth who can receive their messages, and through the transmission of the higher frequencies of light to individuals and to the collective consciousness of the whole.  They are assisting with the collective meditation known as One World Meditations in order to provide a strong and unbreakable link with the Divine Creator through the receptivity to light of those who participate, and through the receptivity of each heart to a love which embraces the sacredness of each being.  They bless all efforts to join together in service to God, light, and to the Divine plan for the Earth.


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Photo - Bahman Farzad