Earth Awakening in Light



Each person has within themselves a capacity to become larger than their personal cares, worries, and concerns. 

Each has the ability, based on their own Divine essence, to transform into a holy and sacred vessel of light, given the intention to do so, and given the reaching toward the deeper truth that dwells within the human  heart.

In coming together in the light, and with our own intentions to bring light and healing to the Earth, we open ourselves to the one Source of healing that permeates all – to the divine Being of God.  This Being is accessible to all, no matter what their religious or spiritual background, and no matter how much they know or do not know about meditative practice.  For in receiving the blessings of Divine light, what is given to one who has meditated for years may be less than what is accessible to one who, with an innocent and open heart, seeks fervently to join the universe and its Divine wish to make of the Earth a sacred planet.

The human condition has led many to believe about themselves, things that make the self seem smaller and less consequential.  The separation of spiritual reality from the reality of the physical has caused most of humanity to think primarily in terms of what it can do, what it can make, and what it can succeed or not succeed at.   This is the world of appearances and of action.  Yet, it is only a small portion of what the human being is capable of, for the vastness of the human heart and spirit have as yet untapped potential to reach to other realms and dimensions, and to know, without doubt, that all dimensions are one.

As we sit in the light, as we meditate and open to the light and love of divine Being and seek to bring this to the Earth, the smaller self can begin to let go. 

Identification with the outer physical world can begin to diminish. 

Instead, the self of the heart, the self of the spirit, can begin to take precedence.  Here, what is most important is the cherishing of the heart's truths, the embracing of the love that the heart is capable of which the outer self may never have known, or known as fully before.  

Often, human beings know less about their hearts and about their own capacity for love than the fullness that is actually the case. This is due to the historical  immersion in physical reality and the shift in awareness that it brings. As physical reality moves into the background and the soul's bright light begins to shine more fully within consciousness, this greater capacity to love can become known, sometimes for the first time.

Expansion of the heart and of the spirit is possible as we sit together in light, for the soul rises within the embodied self to recognize other souls, and to know that it is together with these others in ways that are  true and deep.  These ways are often unfamiliar to the outer self.  For this reason, unity of oneself with others may start out simply as a thought or as a wish, moving gently to become a perception of the body and a knowing of the deeper being.  This occurs as the soul or spirit rises to infuse consciousness - to make of each individual identity something greater than it was before, and to make of our collective joining, something greater than the sum of our individual identities.

No matter what experience you may have had or not had in meditation previously, for this moment you may wish to let it go and become new in your desire to receive and transmit love and light. 

Become new in your desire to bless the Earth and all beings. 

Become new in your heart.

Through this innocent but penetrating desire of the heart, all can happen.  For it is the power of love whose Source is the essence of divine Being, that can transform all things and make all things new.

This is the foundation for the creation of a sacred planet.  It is the foundation for building a new way of life upon the Earth.


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Photo - Bahman Farzad