Earth awakening in Light



Sitting together in meditation or prayer with the goal of joining our hearts in deepest love, of joining our inner self with the self of others - this is the goal of our combined effort as we sit together in the light of love.  


This light is not just the combined outpouring and interconnection of the hearts of those who sit as one with a desire to bring healing and transformation to the Earth.  As we open to the universal light, an energy that infuses and penetrates all dimensions, the higher frequencies of God's love and light also infuse our own hearts and bodies, amplifying and making holy all that is taking place.  This can happen in a way that would not be possible if we were not consciously opening to light, and if the interdimensional reality had not already shifted so that the spiritual realms and the physical are no longer far apart.

In our sitting, we recognize that love is the binding force that unifies Creation on all levels.  It brings together all forms of life in a sacred Whole, including those forms that are conscious of this greater Unity, and those that are less conscious.  However, even the lowliest and least significant of plant or mineral life has some awareness of its own life-force which is not merely physical and elemental, but which also partakes of the love that created the universe. 


This magical quality that infuses all living things – this vital nutrient and life-giving energy - is the essence of God's divine Being – a Being that is pure love and light that has fashioned out of this, all that exists within the multiple dimensions of reality.


As we sit together, we join our hearts with each other and with the Source of the energy that resides within us and within the center of Creation.  This Source, when we reach toward it in love with an invocation and prayer for the healing of ourselves and of the Earth, sends forth a great stream of light that corresponds to our intention to have it perform the task of healing.  This light is intelligent, purposeful, and self-directed.  It knows where it needs to go.  It knows what is being asked and what must be.


What is the part of the human self in this? 


The human self is a most precious and sacred vessel which simultaneously contains and transmits light while being made of matter.  As such, the human self is capable of bringing holiness, healing, and divine Being to the entire realm of the physical, acting as an intermediary and conduit for forces more powerful than those that are ordinarily found on the physical plane.  These forces, based in love, have the capacity to heal the Earth, and to bring all beings forward in their conscious development.


When we sit, we sit with the intention of opening on the human plane to join in the unity of love with all of embodied life, and most especially with all other souls who are sitting at the same time. Love, in these circumstances, is not difficult to find.  It is easy, for all are reaching toward it.  And all are reaching toward the joining that will make even greater love possible.


Simultaneously, we extend our hearts and our thoughts vertically, toward the higher dimensions of God's Being, toward the Source of blessings and the answer to prayer.


This simultaneous horizontal and vertical extension makes of each one a living six-pointed Star of David.  The base of the Star is the embodied self reaching toward the higher realms of the Divine.  The downward pointing triangle of the Star is the response of light from the higher realms that infuses and makes holy all that is.


It is in this way that we sit together, bathed in our hearts intention to love more.  And as we sit, the world becomes what it is meant to be  - a planet filled with light that begins to radiate its beauty and love from the very cells of its own Being.


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Photo - Bahman Farzad