Awakening of the Earth in Light


~ a part of ~

A global effort to unite with the higher Realms of Light and with

those present on the Earth to bring light and healing to the Earth.


**How to join the meditation - in brief

IN THE U.S. - Wednesdays, 30 minutes - 8:30-9PM (ET),  7:30-8PM (CT),

5:30-6PM (PT)


WORLDWIDE - November - March - 1:30AM Thursdays, (GMT)

  March to November - 12:30AM Thursdays, (GMT)


Consult the World Clock and "Search" (type in city) to find where you are in relation to GMT. The U.S. shifts in the Fall and Spring relative to GMT.


Mailing List - Join this list to receive messages and guidance in the future related to the purposes of the holy transition that the Earth is going through.


Beloved Children of the Light,

We welcome you to this global meditation on behalf of the Earth and her inhabitants. It comes at a time of expanding light upon the Earth, bringing with it changes to the consciousness of all souls, everywhere.

During this time of planetary transition, a deliberate effort is being made to strengthen the light-connections between people, creating 'lines of light' that circumvent the planet.  These light connections help greatly with the process of planetary transformation and foster the expansion of light and healing within individuals as well..

As part of this global effort, we invite you to join us and the Realms of Light in prayer or meditation according to whatever practice feels most comfortable to you. For those interested, we recommend the Practice of Alignment as a way of joining one's individual heart and light-body with the body of the Earth and the energy bodies of others. This practice is oriented toward increasing the amount of light that each person may carry..

If you are not familiar with this type of practice or if you have difficulty meditating, it is still possible for you to join this global effort. During the meditation, let yourself sit in silence with an open and prayerful heart that desires the healing of the Earth and of all people. Pray to feel light expanding within you since this will open inner pathways that bring more energy to mind, heart, and body.

There is great significance in sitting with others in this way as a means of affecting the world's consciousness. Not only do all efforts combine into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, but also the Realms of Light are instrumental in sending forth streams of light that can often be felt and that ripple out to affect the entire planet.

Please join the mailing list for updates concerning the meditations and also to receive messages and guidance that will be forthcoming from the Realms of Light concerning future needs and directions.  Thank you, Beloved Ones, for taking part.  May all beings be blessed.

- Those who serve the light


Note: You may wish to use the Opening Prayer created for the weekly meditation or one of your own that you feel resonant with to begin this sacred time.


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Photo - Bahman Farzad