Awakening of the Earth in Light



About the Meditation

The Unity of Love - A Way of Being Together

Sitting Together in the Light

Radiance of Light - A Meditation Image

The Formation of 'Lines of Light'

Sacred Breathing - An Awareness for Our Time

The Realms of Light

Prayer and Meditation - What is the Difference?

What is a Spiritual Practice?

Meditative Reflections

About the Earth

One World Meditations - A Time for Change

A New Form of Cooperation - A Paradigm for the Future

The Tears of the Earth   

The Task for the New Year

The Heart of Humanity - A Time of Remembrance

The Human Family - A Message for Our Time

Changing Consciousness, Changing the World

The New Basis for Hope

The Human 'Family' - How do we get there?

Sacred World Newsletter - 2008

Living a Guided Life

Creating a New and Sacred World

The Power of Consciousness

Affirmations and the Unconscious Mind

Meditation for Children

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