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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I would like to join the meditation but am unable to at the time that it occurs.  Is there anything I can do to participate at a different time or day?

The nature of a global meditation is that it combines the consciousness of people who are joining together at a single point in time, while connecting their energy bodies which are tuned to the higher frequencies of light.  This connection makes possible a potency of light available to the planet. 


While sitting alone at a different time is not the same, it will still be of benefit for you to meditate on bringing light through your own body and consciousness and sending it out to the planet.  The Practice of Alignment is useful for this purpose, or any other meditation on light that you are comfortable with.


2. Do I need to be connected to a website or a conference call in order to take part in this meditation, or can I be at home or elsewhere?

You can join One World Meditations from any place of your choosing.  There are no external requirements.   For a brief description of how to take part in this meditation visit How to Join the Meditation


3What is the best way to prepare for the meditation time?

Leaving a margin of five or so minutes before the meditation is important in order to release the concerns of the day, to allow breathing to deepen, and in general to become quiet inside.  Lighting a candle in preparation for this time is also helpful since the candle radiates its own spiritual light and helps to consecrate the event taking place.  Also, saying a heartfelt prayer for what you wish to happen at the beginning of the meditation opens up a pathway to the higher realms and creates a state of attunement and readiness to receive.  You may use the prayer on this site or one of your own if desired.


4.  What is the best way to end the meditation when the half-hour is up?

This type of prayer/meditation combines the intentionality and effort of those in the physical realm with those of the realms of light, and with the light and love of God which is the ultimate Source from which energy flows.  Therefore, at the end of the meditation it is good to give thanks for what has been given and to know that you have received the benefits of light, whether you are aware of it or not.


5.  I have difficulty meditating.  Whenever I try to do so, I become anxious or restless and my mind starts to wander.  Is there any way to stop this or is it best to just sit in this state.

Over time, a regular meditative practice can resolve problems of anxiety and restlessness.  However, in the limited space of time of this meditation, we recommend for those who have difficulty meditating, a more prayerful approach. 

Allow the words or thoughts of a prayer for the healing of the Earth and of others to fill your heart. The words can be repeated to yourself, inwardly or outwardly, or, the prayer can be wordless.  The important thing is the feeling behind it.  While in this state, focus on breathing in a relaxed way, and allow yourself to experience whatever occurs. Continue with this prayer throughout the sitting time.


6.  I'm concerned that I won't be able to sit for the full half-hour without family interruptions.  Any suggestions?

Although crises arise, it is best to prepare family and loved ones in advance so you can create an uninterrupted sacred space in which to separate from other concerns.  Your own giving importance to the meditation time and to its sacred purpose will convey meaning to your family and should be respected.


If there are other questions you would like to see answered on this FAQ page, please send them to One World Meditation using this form.


-- Those Who Serve the Light



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