Awakening of the Earth in Light


LIGHT OMEGA was founded in 1990 as a center for spiritual teaching and healing, to support those who wish to serve God and life by putting into practice the sacred teachings of Light.  In this undertaking, Light Omega works in conjunction with the Realms of Light in fufillment of God's Divine plan for the Earth.

In December, 2007, Light Omega was given a mandate to establish a new global meditation based in light that would involve the direct transmission of light to the inhabitants of the Earth and to the core of the planet itself.  This undertaking, joined cooperatively with the Realms of Light and sponsored also by their presence at, requires the direct participation of as many people as possible from around the globe.  By meditating and prayng simultaneously in different parts of the world, 'lines of light' are established that circle the planet and strengthen the vibration of the planetary body.  A weekly meditations has been and continues to be a basic part of One World Mediations.

Although many global meditations are being undertaken today with the purpose of fostering peace and unity, those that are light-based have a somewhat different purpose as they respond to an energetic frequency that they are particularly tuned to, each in their own way.  The energetic frequency of One World Meditations is that of Divine and Universal Love and Light, emanating from the Christ Consciousness of each self and from the Heart of God.  Its goal is to manifest this love and unity for the benefit of all beings. 

Light Omega is based on the work and teachings of Julie of Light Omega. 


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Photo - Bahman Farzad