Awakening of the Earth in Light


An Invitation and Statement of Purpose

Dear Beloved Ones,


One Earth Awakening Forum is the foundational structure for a global community of light.  Similar to its sister enterprise, One World Meditations, its purpose is to draw together in the bonds of love and unity those who desire to serve the light by bringing their embodied selves into the highest possible alignment with God’s divine Plan for the Earth.


While ‘One World Meditations’ operates as a direct transmitter of the higher frequencies of light that are transmitted to and through all embodied souls who take part, spreading into ever wider circles upon the planet, One Earth Awakening moves more deeply into the human level of extension, creating a network of souls who can share on the mental, emotional, and soul levels, extending the range into which light can be incorporated.


You may not feel that you can make a commitment to this Forum at this time because your life is too busy or there are too many demands on your time, and this is understandable given the pressures of daily life for many.  However, as with ‘One World Meditations,’ participation in the Forum is meant to give to you what can be used for your own expansion in greater light and love, not only to ask from you that you become a channel for others.


If you have only a little time, consider visiting the Forum on a regular basis once or twice a week.  By subscribing to the individual forums within One Earth Awakening or to individual topics, you will know what others have shared and what you might wish to respond to.  We are asking for your help in activating this structure at this time and appreciate your presence in whatever form you can offer it. 


Beloved Ones, do not underestimate the light that you already carry or the good it can do when it is shared with others.  You are becoming an embodied being of light as are all who inhabit the Earth, and what you can share with others in this Forum are not only the difficulties or challenges you may face, but also your own soul’s truth, your wisdom, and the deeper levels of love that exist in your heart.  You do not need to know others outwardly in order to love them.  You do not need to have spent time with them.  You need only to believe in your own soul-nature and that of others and to wish to extend love into the world.  This is all that is needed – the gift of your authentic self.


Please join us.  You are welcomed by all who take part and by the Realms of Light who instruct and guide this Forum.  Join now as a member if you have not already done so.  Subscribe using the button at the top of the page of a particular forum or a particular topic if you have not already done so, and help serve the light in oneness with others.


All blessings to you and gratitude for your being here at this time of great opening and great expansion of divine Love.  Julie


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Photo - Bahman Farzad