Awakening of the Earth in Light


The following prayer may be used as an opening for the weekly One World Meditation or you may use one of your own that you feel resonant with.  The important thing is to create a pause and an intentional 'frame' for this sacred time, either through words, or breath, or simply through the heart's dedicated intention. 


Blessed is this moment in which we join together with the Hosts of Light to pray for the wellbeing of the Earth and for all inhabitants of the planet.  We gather together in union with the Divine Heart of God which holds all within itself, and open ourselves to become anchors of light for the entire Earth.  May all souls be held in the embrace of Divine Light and Love, and may that which we share expand outward, infinitely, to bless all, uplift all, and bring about a new day for the Earth.

Additional prayer (if desired):

We pray also at this time for the heads of government and for all world leaders, that they may recognize the way of the heart as a valid way, and the purposes of love as valid purposes, and that they may, in good conscience, and with full adherence to the principles of truth and light, establish a new way of being upon the Earth for all peoples.

After this Opening, if desired, one may add an additional specific prayer for a location, community, or people that one has a special concern for.


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Photo - Bahman Farzad