The “Talks and Meditations by Julie” podcast series offers a way for you to download audio copies of each podcast to your computer. The podcasts are free and can be subscribed to via iTunes by anyone. You can also listen to each podcast on the Light Omega Podcast Page at any time you choose without downloading.  To do this, a Flash Player needs to be installed on your computer.  If you do not have a Flash Player, it is easy and without cost to download one.  If you subscribe to the podcast series via iTunes (accessed through the iTunes Store), you will be notified each time a new podcast appears with a link to download it. 


Mobile Devices


There are individual software programs that can make these podcasts available to you on your mobile device and we anticipate setting up an audio player in the near future on the Light Omega Podcast Page that will enable you to listen on any mobile device.  At present, iTunes podcasts can be synchronized with all Apple mobile devices so that you can listen with ease.  These include iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices.

Do I Need an iPod to Listen?

No.  All podcasts are formatted as mp3 files, enabling you to listen to each podcast on a variety of players.  The simplest way is to just go to the Light Omega web page that lists podcasts and you will have nothing else to do but to click on the ‘play’ button.  Alternatively, you can listen on the iTunes preview page from which you can go directly to the iTunes Store.

Subscribing to Podcasts

Subscribing allows you to choose when to listen to podcasts and enables you to stay current with what is being offered.  To subscribe:

1. Go to the iTunes Store

2. Search for "Talks by Julie," or "Light Omega"

3. On the main page that the search brings you to, (not the individual podcast pages), click on the 'Subscribe' button in the upper left hand corner.  iTunes directions will follow.


Though podcasts are free to listen to, we welcome your donation to Light Omega in support of all of our work, including the podcasts. Thank you for whatever you can contribute.