That all may live as One

Recorded Talks by Julie of Light Omega

On this page you will find the list of recorded talks given by Julie as part of the creation of the "Template for a New Society." The Seva Community that is an expression of this Template represents a way of life that is not only shared, but is based on the principles of light and of alignment with the Divine as the basis for daily activities and relationships. Such alignment sustains a vibration of love and a capacity for unity that would otherwise be covered over by the needs of the ego and the perspective that such needs bring about. Blessings - The Seva Community


For Purification Teachings and other talks by Julie see the main List of Podcasts.



June 19    P6 -   A Shared Life - There Is Enough Love (13'54")

June 5      P5 -   Resources (12'06")

May 22     P4 -   A Shared Life (19:18")

May 15     P3 -   Extension (23:12")

                          "New Vision" & "Eternal Sun" (2:40") - from "Poems for the New Earth"

May 1       P2 -   Alignment (12:50")  

April 16     P1 -   Love (15 min.)



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