The birth of a holy planet


"Holding Light in Darkness"


Dear Beloved Ones, 


A new vehicle of light is being offered at no cost by Light Omega to meet the needs of this time.  These are small posters with imprinted messages of the kind you have seen on Facebook that may be used by you personally in a variety of ways - for personal online viewing, as e-Cards, for web pages, blogs, etc. 


"Holding Light in Darkness"  is a collection of fifty images and messages that can be ordered through the Light Omega Bookshop.  It is free, however we hope that you will wish to make a donation to Light Omega either at the time of your order or later on at our Donations page to help us continue with our work.  


"Holding Light in Darkness" contains messages of light and upliftment to anchor hope, trust, and a deeper sense of truth during times of difficulty or darkness.  Images may be viewed briefly, or you can treat each one as the anchorpoint for a meditation and can reflect on its meaning for your life at present.


May you feel nourished and uplifted by what is offered here.  Please share the posters in whatever ways you feel guided to. 


With love and blessings - Julie



Please read this important note:


When you order through the Bookshop you will be asked for your name and e-mail address but there will be no charge for this order.  You will then be taken to a download page from which you can link to the Picasa-based collection of "Holding Light in Darkness."  You may view images or download them at any time through the use of the link you are given.  This link will change every three months on Oct. 1, Jan. 1, April 1, and July 1, and the new link to the collection will be available by re-ordering thru the Bookshop.  (The Oct. 1st link is available now).




Light America Spirit, the source of this collection, is a branch of Light Omega, and this collection serves both the purposes of individual growth and that of America as a collective whole.


For those unfamiliar with e-Cards, one option is via Postcards FM.




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