About Julie

Articles on this site and on the companion site, Light America Spirit, are written by Julie in oneness with the Realms of Light.


Julie has been empowered by the Realms of Light to draw together all those concerned with the future of America and the spiritual foundation on which it rests.

Her work transcends time, place, belief, and point of view, and rather focuses on bringing to the world a new energy that will transform consciousness from the inside out, in the direction of permitting greater light and hope to progressively enter the national and planetary arenas. 

In relation to the multiple crises facing America today, her work is to bring into manifestation a new breath and vision of the possible, so that those who despair of America's finding a way out of her present dilemmas will know that God is involved in the future of this country, and that the forces of light are moving directly and purposefully on behalf of America's government and people.


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