About Prayers for America

PRAYERS FOR AMERICA came into being in order to accomplish serveral objectives:

- to affirm the truth of Oneness for the American people in the presence of division and discord,

- to articulate the premises by which a country rises or falls according to an inner standard of faithfulness to those premises,

- to make known to all people the spiritual nature of the moral foundation upon which America was built and upon which her future depends, and,

- to provide a source of spiritual light for her people that would shine into the dark corners of her consciousness and illuminate those things which must be seen and healed in order for America to go forward into the future.

In the creation of this site, a way has been offered to enhance and amplify the fundamental qualities of conscience and consciousness that exist within the American people for whom this site was created, and who, it is to be hoped, will carry the Prayers for America deeply in their hearts so that one with these prayers, and one with each other, they may rise to the new stature of one people, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

This is the purpose and intent of this site and of the prayers and invocations that it holds. 



Prayers for America is a companion to its sister site, Light America Spirit, from which it draws its moral and spiritual strength and which acts as a center from which all concepts and understandings are derived.  The moral and spiritual underpinnings of this site can be found in Light America Spirit, and the essence they share is one.


Photo by Bruce Rolff

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