Transition to a New America

Internet-published Articles by Julie

The Heart of Humanity - A Time of Remembrance

The Desire for Change and the Fear of Change in America

Becoming a Majority of One

Is America Ready for Gentleness?

The Human Family - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

America's Hope: The Renewal of the Soul of a Nation

America's Economic Crisis - A Spiritual Perspective

A Pivotal Time in American History - A Spiritual Perspective

The Effect of Spiritual Light on the Presidential Election

America's Future - One Nation 'Under God' and What It Could Mean

The Mind and the Heart in America's Political Campaigns

The Need for a New Ethic in American Presidential Campaigns

A New Ethic for America

What is Unity?

Prayers for America - Election 2008

Negative Campaigning - What Does America Want?

Nature of Upheaval - Personal, Nationa., Planetary

America in Crisis - A Time for Renewal

A New America - The Return of the Sacred

Innocence and Scancal - A Choice for Our Time


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