The Need for Restoration

WHEN IT HAPPENS that a nation finds itself on a perilous course of action, then it behooves that nation and its people to take stock of the options that are available to prevent  unwanted outcomes from occurring, and to set the course of the nation on a different path altogether. 

Such is the time we are in today, a time in which the nation's honor and integrity are in jeopardy, and in which the full measure of Divine input must occur in order that the light that is at the heart of America regain its hold over the hearts, minds, and practices of America's government and people. 


The dialogue and discourse regarding divisions in America have overshadowed, by far, the great unity of heart and of purpose that are meant to be present and are still present in the center of America's consciousness.  Yet, these have become deeply buried beneath mounds of dissent, disapproval, and fragmentation, brought about by those who desire to create fear and disunity in this land, rather than hope. 


It is for this reason that all who seek to foster the new energy of love and cooperation, of gentleness and compromise, must pray for America, her consciousness, and her people, so that this nation is brought back from the precipice upon which it now stands, and the founding principles of heart and character that are so necessary to her survival, and indeed, to her ability to thrive, are reinstated. 


These principles are not in jeopardy, for their life is eternal and they are embedded deeply within America's heart and identity.  But their expression within America's life, behavior, and outer manifestation has become clouded, so that a nation's virtue can no longer be seen. 


Those who care for this country must therefore come together in their hearts, one in intention and one in purpose, and pray that the nobility and honor of a great nation be restored in full measure, and that the unity of purpose that rests so firmly within America's heart and essence, is brought fully into the light of day where it may be seen and felt by all. 


May this nation, under God, be blessed in its Divine purpose and in the expression of that purpose for the benefit of all mankind.


Blessings and Amen. 



Photo by Bruce Rolff


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