Prayer for the Upliftment of a People

Now, in this time of turbulence and division within America, may those forces that seek love and unity gain strength and assurance that no matter what obstacles or opposition may be encountered, the future of this nation is assured.

This future is meant to bring in the consciousness of Oneness based in Divine truth, and it has already begun.


We pray that those who presently seek other goals or give credence to forces that would seek to divide this nation be brought lovingly to the place of truth within their own hearts where the understanding of Unity dwells, and where respect for the sacredness of all of life is a principle of the soul.


May this soul-wisdom come forth now, so that all may receive the Divine embrace that seeks to become part of the life of all, dismissing none as outside the realm of Divine blessing, but holding the importance of each living being to the wellbeing of the whole.


Let none think that they are unimportant to this endeavor.


Let all illusion about not mattering vanish.


Let none believe that any future but the future envisioned by God is possible, for only God is real and all is held within that reality forever.


May the knowledge of this assurance become enkindled within every heart so that where there is fear it is replaced by safety, and where there is doubt it is replaced by the knowledge of being loved.


May the life of each inhabitant of the Earth be respected in the fullness of recognition that each is a Divine child of the One, each is worthy, each is equal, each must be given the right to define their own existence in full freedom and in the joy of self discovery.


May each inhabitant of this nation and of the Earth know that they are here on Earth to fulfill a holy purpose, one which benefits their own learning and at the same benefits the life of the world.


May it come to pass that respect for each individual life replaces all that presently exists that denies the value of life, and may reverence for the One that is All, that has created all, and that lives within all be felt as the primary reality which governs and upholds the hearts of each one from now forward.


We pray this for all beings, no matter what their orientation or spiritual beliefs.


We pray this for the Earth herself, that out of the knowledge of Oneness may come a reverence for her sacred Body, empowered by the deep understanding that the Earth is the One Body that contains all individual bodies, and that in loving the Earth we love ourselves and do good for the life of the inhabitants of the Earth.


May the blessings of sacred life come to the consciousness of   America's people, so that the motto that has for so long been emblematic of the Divine purpose of this nation may be realized in full, with benefit to all - 


"E pluribus Unum - Out of many, One."  May this be realized now for all beings. Amen.


Photo by Bruce Rolff

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