The Time We Are In - Part II

ALL THAT HAS GONE BEFORE has prepared the way for this present time, a time in which major change and transformation is coming to the people of this country and to her national consciousness.  On the one hand, there are great trials to be gone through that have already beset this nation.  On the other hand, there is much change yet to come that will further destabilize the present structures of both government and thought, and allow for a new wave of understanding and consciousness to take place.

We are here at the moment of change, awaiting the new, looking to the horizon for those possibilities that will create new stability and a new sense of peace for those who are so deeply troubled and whose lives have been so deeply upset by the changes that have already taken place.  We are here at the brink of a new time, awaiting both breath of vision, and that impulse to act from a sense of true purpose united with the purposes of the Divine that will make authentic change and transformation possible.

All that has gone before has  prepared us for this moment.  All is in readiness for the great transition.  What is needed, now, more than anything else, is faith in the Divine intention of the highest powers that oversee the destiny of this land, and in the knowing that it is God's intention for this country to manifest its full and complete Divine purpose which is now coming into unfoldment.  This faith and this knowledge more than anything else will allow those whose lives have been deeply disrupted to know that a new day is dawning, and not just that the old is vanishing, and that within this new day all will be held within the safety and love of Divine purpose.

This day is not far off any longer.  It is very close.  It is heralded by those whose vision and soul essence have permitted them to be an advance guard for the new values that will sweep the land.  It is brought into being by the great and growing desire for change on the part of people everywhere as well.  Within this upsurge of a desire for change, there are forces at work that partake of both the light of truth and the darkness of deception.  Such is the case because of the mighty role this country is to play in the advancement of the purposes of Divine light upon the planet.  It is for this reason that each one who feels called from within their heart to care about the future of this nation must ask, now, what it is that they may do to uphold the light further so that the forces of deception will be diminished and so that the forces of light will prevail as quickly and as smoothly as may be possible.

You are being called to this Divine choice by virtue of your being here on the planet at this time.  You are being called to uphold the light and you are being called to stand for truth and for the foundational principles of this country that include love for the Divine being of all children of God.

May this calling take root deep within your heart.  May it take root and may it flower and be blessed by the nurturance of your entire being which has chosen to be here at this time of miracles - at this time of Divine will being made manifest.

May God's blessings flow to you in full measure as you come into your own heart's knowing of truth and of your own Divine purpose for being here now. 

Blessings and Amen. 


Photo - Bruce Rolff

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