The Time We Are In

THIS SITE is dedicated to the one people of America, whose destiny it is to live in unity and peace, and whose purpose it is to bring that energy of love and unity to the world.

This energy is transformative. It begins in the towns and cities of one nation, and spreads into the vastness of an entire planet. It does this not through force or coercion, but through the power of example to create a new way of life.

Nevertheless, despite the bright promise of the future, present dangers to the expansion of unity and peace exist all around us. They create fear and desperation, and they feed upon the sense of uncertainty that lives in the hearts of those who do not know or feel the truth of God's reality and purpose for America. Without this spiritual anchoring, it is easy to feel uncertain and dismayed in a sea of possible futures.

The need to create spiritual anchoring in order to hold the spiritual center for America is great today. It is what has given rise to this website. For the spiritual center is at the heart of America. This center does not have to do with religion, nor doctrine, nor belief. Rather, it has to do with the very heart of life itself that beats within America's heart, that lets those who can experience it know that all are one, and all are children of the Divine.

This is the message that America is meant to carry to the world, and our prayers are given to support the growth and expansion of this message, so that nothing can undo it, and nothing can prevent it from establishing itself upon the Earth.

Photo by Bruce Rolff
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