Mandala of the Soul

Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.

Julie of Light Omega

As strange as it may seem to some, the nature of what we see around us is no more than a projection of our own creative thought process – not the process of our conscious minds, but the process of our deeper belief system.  Out of this energetic matrix, thoughts are empowered to create the substance of matter and what manifests externally as events, things, situations, and people, insofar as their lives impinge upon our own.  We do not create other souls, for their creation is of Divine origin, coming from the One Creator of all.  But we do create the ways in which our lives interface with theirs, as we create the kind of situations that will be repetitive within our lives.

The understanding that everything is consciousness, and that there really is no substance to physical matter – no solidity, despite the way it feels to our senses - is a great awakening for most, for we go through most of our lives inundated with the sensory impressions of sight, sound, and smell and, in many cases, define what we see and experience in terms of the very physical properties of matter.  To then be asked to accept a new understanding that what is 'out there' is really not a necessary reality at all - being neither substantial, fixed, nor permanent -  that it is, instead, flim-flam, or, in Eastern terms, maya – namely, consciousness-created reality produced by energy which creates matter - this reverses all that we have known about sensory reality.

The mystery in this is twofold.  On the one hand we wonder how thought creates reality, and on the other, we wonder what part we play in this and what part God plays.

These are important questions to ask and to attempt to answer, for an understanding of the new level of empowerment coming to humanity at this time requires that we bear greater responsibility for answering these questions and for what we do with our own consciousness.  It requires that we have some sense of the potential and the risk involved for our progressively expanding abilities.

In relation to the first question, the thoughts that generate matter do so as part of an energetic matrix that is a cauldron of complex motives which are both individualized as each person's point of awareness, and collectivized as the totality of the belief systems of groups, societies, nations, and ultimately of all of the earth's inhabitants.  The belief systems, in total, operate as generative forces within this energetic matrix, which holds within itself motives arising from different sources, at different levels of  significance in determining reality.  For example, the perception of what is 'out there' as solid is a very basic collective belief that has been with humanity for a very long time. Such a belief cannot be countermanded by any one individual's different belief.  It is a belief that will be born and bred into the next human child, wherever they are born, unless and until something comes along on a large scale that radically alters this perception.

On the other hand, the notion that life is a force for good and is to be trusted, versus the idea that life is full of disappointment, is an individualized belief – one that is specific to person, time, and place, that cannot be said to affect everyone in the same way.  Such a belief greatly influences individual lives, independently of what others think or feel.

The energetic matrix that contains all the contributing aspects of consciousness are all held within the auric field of the earth which is the earth's energy body.  This field, in fact, is in a state of perpetual creation of the physical properties of the earth, her atmosphere, her functions, etc. 

The field itself is composed of sub-atomic elements that in the understanding of quantum mechanics, come and go out of existence.  These elements live in a potential 'soup', available to form themselves into more complex structures such as atoms and molecules, but when not involved in the binding together of particles, these can happily go back into non-existence or quasi-existence for a period of time.  The quantum mechanical aspect of reality, more than any other theory thus far, describes the energetic matrix which allows consciousness to produce matter through the drawing forth from the potential 'soup', the particles that are needed to shape the reality which consciousness holds.

Viewed from this perspective, when our individual or collective consciousness changes, then those dancing particles that have come into existence in order to support the reality that is currently being experienced, go back into potentiality again, and others which are more resonant with the new pattern come to the fore.

In terms of the second question regarding humanity's role and God's role in determining the ultimate manifestation of the physical reality we call the planet earth, the situation is even more complex.  For here we have:

  • an individual's relationship with the earth,
  • a society's relationship with the earth,
  • the relationship of non-human nature with the earth,
  • the relationship of humanity, taken together, with the earth,
  • the earth's consciousness of herself, which is more than the sum of her parts. For the earth is a self-generating, aware being, whose wholeness includes will and intentionality as well as the collective qualities of the physical life that inhabits her.
  • Finally, in addition to the above, there is the consciousness of God which is infinite, yet which, for this portion of reality, is sometimes referred to as the Great Central Sun – the modern esoteric name for God, the Father.

The Great Central Sun determines and holds the reality of planets, stars, and galaxies within Itself. It is the 'Father' of the Universe as we know it, instrumental in its creation, and It continues to maintain the physical reality of all through its own consciousness and intentionality. 

The Great Central Sun and the planetary bodies that include stars, suns, moons, and planets exist in harmony and cannot be in conflict, since these planetary bodies are part of Itself and are infused with the universal consciousness of the Greater Life, as well as with their own consciousness within individualized form.  For this reason, all planetary bodies may be considered to have a very strong Divine component, no matter how they manifest physically, for they are all great Beings and they each have chosen to play a part in the physically manifested universe.

Taking into consideration this complex picture, and looking again at the smaller version of reality that is our planet earth and her inhabitants, there are certain parameters of reality that cannot be changed since they were ordained in the beginning by God the Father - the Great Central Sun of Creation, and there are certain parameters which can be changed, such as the emotional atmosphere surrounding the earth.  We, humans, today, have a great deal to do with participating in the revelation of a new, radiant earth to ourselves and to the surrounding planets and galaxies.  By moving into the higher dimensions of light currently infusing the planetary atmosphere, we can help change the nature of the physical body of the earth itself.

The entire situation described so far regarding the creation of reality, though complex, exists in a harmony of layer upon layer of co-creation, except where deliberately manipulated by non-harmonic elements that wish to disrupt the peace and accord of the whole.  These non-harmonic elements of darkness also have an influence over the consciousness that shapes reality, and at times of great spiritual and physical change, their intention to prevent light from expanding causes increased activity around the point of light that is on the cusp of a new level of revelation.

What is the part that we are each meant to play in this cosmic drama?  The momentous time we are in asks that we hold ourselves responsible for our own consciousness, and the content it holds, and the energy it transmits.  For our own consciousness radiates a sphere of influence that is much greater than might appear, affecting not only those in our immediate surroundings, but also rippling out to influence others that we are not aware of.  As light intensifies upon the earth and within us, we are increasingly being asked to affect the sphere of influence that is ours with thoughts that will benefit the welfare of all beings, and we are increasingly being helped to move into the new vibration of Love that will make this possible.

May all beings recognize their power to help create a new reality for the earth as a place of goodness, kindness, and love, and may they give to the creative process itself all the attention, care, and diligence that the creation of new life warrants. 

Blessed be this time of transformation upon the earth, and blessed be this time of change within each individual soul.


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