I have sent my Presence

Behold, the glory of the light of God shall dwell with men,

and God himself shall be with them.

 to be with you ...            


Message from the One

Awake, my children, to the Glory of the Light, for I have sent my Glory to be with you in these days of transition, to shelter you under the rays of Her everlasting presence, to comfort those in need of comfort, and to provide a safe passage into the future.

Never have I left you to your own affairs, alone, though it seemed that way to some, and never will I leave you to suffer with the pangs of illusion that have separated you from Me.  I Am always and forever with you, and have been watching over you for all the generations of time from the beginning.  Now, at last, you shall have some sense of My presence as you awaken from the dream that has seemed reality till now, and find that the world is much more beautiful and alive than has ever been imagined, and that it is not a world of things and people, but the pulsating beat of one Heart that unites all within the radiance of perfection.

Holy is this day, My beloved children, for you come, at last, to the knowledge of your true identity in the Light of the One, and you come, at last, to the knowledge that no one is separate from anyone else, and least of all from the Creator and One who manifested all things so that Life could create more Life.

Blessings upon this time of awakening, beloveds, for it is you who shall now have the possibility for building the future in a way undreamed of before, manifesting God's love and beauty on the earth for all worlds to see and benefit from.



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