Time passes, but where it comes from and where

it goes, we do not know.



Message from the One
Julie of Light Omega

Hear, O, my Beloveds, of the journey through time that men have made, thinking that they were traveling through the pleasant or fearsome landscape of physical reality, while in fact they were traveling through the dimensions of spiritual time for which the physical was but a backdrop. 

This conversion of the spiritual into the physical took place due to the transfer of consciousness into a solid vehicle, the physical body, that could perceive itself as separate from others and from the physical reality which it inhabited.  Yet, despite this perception, it was never true.  For I have always inhabited the physical world with my Presence, and behind every physical phenomenon has been a spiritual current which gave it meaning and made sense of its occurrence.

For this reason, what men have deemed to be 'ordinary time' - or time in which routine tasks were undertaken of a practical or necessary nature but not  a self-chosen nature - has never been 'ordinary', but rather filled with the meaning given to it by each individual consciousness which defined the emotional value of that ordinary time.  There has been no external reality to speak of that was perceived in the same manner by all participants.  For consciousness itself is the definer of reality, and in that truth lies all that one needs to know in order to prepare for the future and to correct the misperceptions of the past.

Over the course of history, time has become less connected with the cycles of nature, and more connected with the demands of technology, of work that has become separated from the life of the heart, and of a kind of greed to increase wealth above one's neighbors and above what is actually needed.  This separation of the use of time in order to achieve personal goals that increasingly departed from harmony with the goals of the earth and the goals of collective humanity, should they have been asked what they desired, has created the division between 'ordinary' time and non-ordinary time, and between 'ordinary' time and sacred or spiritual time.  It is the way that man lives that creates this separation from the holy, not the necessity of physical reality itself.

There are some, still, in the world, who hold the sacred way throughout each day and within each gesture and movement within the practical world, the world of nature, and the spiritual world.  Indeed, there are some, though they be but a few, for whom the spiritual is all that is, and it is interwoven with every aspect of life.  These sacred ones hold the consciousness for the rest of mankind of what it has left behind, and what it needs to return to, and this consciousness is one of unity, both within the self and with my Presence upon the earth. 

It matters not by what name the Spirit is called, for in different parts of the world I have different names and different attributes.  Yet, for those who hold the vibration of the sacred, there is never a time when they are apart from Me, and there is never a time when they are not sensing my Presence within the very basic activities of an ordinary life.  For it is not extra measures that need to be taken that make a life spiritual.  It is the humility and awareness to observe the sanctified nature of the holy within the very ordinary, that makes a life spiritual.  And for this to be, the simplest of lives can be the greatest vessel of the sacred, and the lowliest intellect can be the most expansive consciousness for that which is pure and sanctified.

All that appears on the earth within time and space is part of the created world of Being that takes on the outer appearance of solidity in order to interact with those souls who have, in times past, taken on physical form.  Thus, the world is the spiritual playground for consciousness.  And whether happy or sad, fulfilling of one's desires or unfulfilling, it remains related to the inner consciousness one holds, much as a clay vessel is shaped by the intention of the potter.  You, My children, shape the content of your lives, and shall continue to do so with ever greater awareness and responsibility, once you awaken to your own very great capacity to create life through this awareness.

When that pivotal time comes - when consciousness begins to become aware of its own power to create, while at the same time seeking to create a sacred world and to live a life which celebrates My own - a life that has been given as gift - then the world will become something that has not been visible till this time.  It will become beautiful in a way that has not yet been seen, and holy in a way that has not yet been felt.  Although the world has always been beautiful and holy, this perception will not need extraordinary circumstances in order to be felt by the majority of My children.  Rather, the beautiful and the holy will be present in everything, from the most ordinary to the most extraordinary.

It is time to awake to the blessings of the ordinary, my Beloveds, and to know that in this awakening, you are forever to be blessed.  For the time of joining with the sacred is now, and in that joining will come harmony and peace that has not been possible before on the earth.  Therefore, learn to see the ordinary with sacred eyes, my Beloveds, and begin the process of reclaiming a world that has been seen as separate, into one that exists in and through the vital life of spiritual reality.



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