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Worldwatch endeavors to create a bridge between spirituality and political life.  It views outer events through the prism of man's Covenant with God - the  spiritual principles that are meant to govern human behavior both individually and collectively.

Worldwatch draws together articles published in the Light Omega Newsletters, on the site, and from Light America to present you with a current picture of what is happening spiritually and socio-politically on the world stage. 

The purpose of Worldwatch is twofold: to provide a conceptual framework with which to view world events, and to invite you into a prayerful relationship with the governments of the Earth and the decision-making bodies that have widespread influence, so that you may feel and know the part you have to play in the transformation of the Earth into a planet of peace and light.

This role of participant is a powerful one, for thought and prayer as well as action have an influence that ripples out to affect all others.  In fact, all who are presently embodied on the Earth have agreed to take part in the global transition now taking place, and to do so with consciousness is the most effective means of altering events in the direction of light and peace.

Thank you for joining us in this endeavor.



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