About GurujiMa

GurujiMa is the Divine name given to one who has come to embody and share the energy of the Divine Mother manifesting upon the Earth, now, for the benefit of all beings.

Though her name is Indian, her work does not belong to any particular religion. Rather it is to unite all religious traditions under the umbrella of the One that is the Unity of Life. This One is called by many names, and is the Mother of All who lives within all. GurujiMa has come to help establish that reality upon the Earth, so that all may feel the soul that is the essence of who they are.

GurujiMa is also an emissary of light from the Realms of Light, here to assist with the transformation of the Earth into a holy planet. Her work is to embody this transition within her own consciousness and body, so that all can feel the way through limitation into the greater reality of the truth that lives within. In this, she is guided by the highest principles of light to bring forth these principles that all may live by them.

Among these principles is the principle of Divine Love as the supreme power that guarantees change and the victory of light over darkness and truth over falsehood and deception. It is love in its most essential meaning that shall form the foundation of a new society, and it is love that shall be called forth by light as the Earth transitions into greater light.

GurujiMa is available to all who seek her counsel and who desire to deepen their connection with their own Divine essence. She may be contacted through this form.


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