Meetings with GurujiMa

Meetings with GurujiMa are a sacred time of discovery in which to go deeper into your own feelings and thoughts related to who you are and who God is.

The deepened experience of spiritual reality is one of the gifts of these meetings, and we welcome you to open your heart to receive all the spiritual nourishment that is possible. You may come with many years already trod on a spiritual path of your choosing, or you may have only a dim idea of yourself as a Divine being, a soul created by the Creator of all. In either case, the light that is present during these meetings will help deepen your awareness of your sacred journey and take you to the next step of its unfoldment.

During the time of COVID-19, meetings with GurujiMa as well as all events at the Ashram will be held online. Information on how to attend events can be found at the calendar.

GurujiMa is in service to the One and does not accept fees for her work. However, Light Omega as a spiritual Center of teaching, healing, and community outreach needs the support of all who can contribute in order to maintain itself. Please ask for guidance concerning what is right relationship regarding your donation, bearing in mind that you are and will be receiving a blessed gift from the Universe.

To inquire about meeting with GurujiMa, please contact her through this form.


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