Visiting / Open Hours

All visitors to Light Omega are welcome to come during Open Hours, whether to sit quietly in the vibration that is here, or to meet with GurujiMa.

Please note: Open Hours are on hiatus while GurujiMa is in India, November and December. Open Hours will return in January 2020 and will be listed in the Calendar.

Open Hours are a way of participating more fully with Divine flow. For those who come, a sense of inner guidance is the only criterion. If you arrive and GurujiMa is with someone, there is a room to wait in downstairs and you will be called when it is time. It may happen very occasionally that GurujiMa is unavailable, in which case a sign will be posted to that effect.

Practical Considerations:

  • Please leave enough time so that you can arrive 5-10 minutes early to sit for a few moments before your meeting.
  • Park at the bottom of the driveway near the street.
  • Meetings are held in the large room up a few steps from the entryway. Come in and be seated.
  • Please leave your donation to Light Omega in the Donations box on the desk in the Bookshop area.
  • There is a wheelchair accessible room for meeting when needed.
  • Please note: Light Omega is a fragrance-free center.¬†Please avoid scented lotions or hair products.

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