Visiting the Ashram

There are several ways of visiting Light Omega that has become the Village of Light Ashram in Leverett, Massachusetts.

One is to come to weekly Sunday gatherings which are community events, open to all. These are cherished times in which GurujiMa often gives a talk and those attending have the opportunity to ask a broad range of questions concerning spiritual life and progress along one’s path.

Another, depending upon individual circumstances, is to arrange a personal meeting with GurujiMa. This is done by appointment and by writing to her at

A third is to come for a weekend retreat in which to experience the peace and light that is present in the ashram and to discover some things within yourself that may have been waiting to be revealed. Retreats are meant not only to nourish, but also to transform.

Finally, there are a variety of other activities that are listed in the Calendar that are open to interested persons. The content of these changes from time to time, so what you see listed one month may be gone the next. It is important to follow your own heart and the guidance of your deeper self in making this choice.

All Village of Light activities are open to all, unless specifically noted otherwise. They represent the desire of the ashram to reach out to a world that is hungry for spiritual truths and for inner nourishment, but that may not know the way to find it or even that there is a way.

The Village of Light Ashram is a Divine and human undertaking, brought into being by the Realms of Light, now, in order to benefit the Earth in its transition into light and into sacred reality. Please join us in welcoming the new.


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