The Practice of Alignment


A transformative pathway into the light of the soul. The Practice of Alignment creates an energetic link that accelerates the process of bringing soul awareness into one’s daily life.

Audio: The Practice of Alignment

To begin with, sit with your back straight, eyes closed, and breathe slowly and quietly, with your hand, palm down, over your heart center in the center of your chest. Let your breathing deepen and become more relaxed.

Now, visualize a column of light coming down from the cosmos above your head, descending through the top of your head and down your spine, filling your heart, and extending down to the soles of your feet. Feel that this column of light is unending. It is limitless support from God and from the realms of Light.

Breathe in light through the top of your head. With each in-breath, know that you are breathing in God’s light and that each breath is strengthening this connection. This light is limitless. It can be drawn upon over and over again. Feel the warmth of your hand on your heart and breathe light into your heart as well. Sit, breathe, feel light moving through you, infusing you with God’s breath. Breathe like this for a few moments.

Now, pay attention to the exhale of each breath. As you exhale, release all that is not of the light within you, all that limits you, all that prevents you from drawing closer to God. Release fear, anger, despair, sorrow — release all limitation into the greater light of God that can absorb it and in which it dissolves. Exhale all that holds you back, all that separates you… Continue breathing for several more moments, focusing on the in-breath that draws greater light into your body and consciousness, and on the out-breath that lets go of all that needs to be released.

Become aware of your in-breath and your out-breath. Become aware of the breath of God moving through you. As this meditation comes to a close, give thanks to God for the gift of light and breath and for the help that is given.

Note: This practice should be done daily for maximum benefit, preferably at the same time of day, or, it can be done in shorter form throughout the day. Alignment is the central axis of a spiritual practice that seeks to incorporate more light into one’s being for purposes of individual transformation and service to the earth. The more it is practiced, the more will a pathway of light be created through all levels of one’s being.


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